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Staff, & Council

Who We Are

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Perrie Dralle


Greetings and warm welcome to Gethsemane! I am thrilled that you chose to take a look around and hope you are intrigued just enough to join us for Sunday Worship.

We are a community of people who knows that the world is hungry for good new and HOPE-each Sunday we gather, share in communion, and remember that we are all cherished by a God who adores- just as we are!

During the week, we intentionally seek out where God is calling us to serve our neighbor.

We celebrate diversity and creativity! One of the most exciting things about Gethsemane is that we are in the ever active process of listening to God's call!

Take a look at our website and Facebook page to get a taste of what we are up to!
I can’t wait to meet you!

~Pastor Perrie

Tel: 262-782-8370

Get In Touch with Council Members
{Executive Team}

Congregation President

Christian Education Council

Eddie Gonzalez

  Tel: 262-352-0049


Council Secretary

Faith Connections Council

Gladys Oerichbauer

  Tel: 262-347-5056

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Vice President

Evangelism & Congregations Lead Outreach Council

Travis Kraft

  Tel: 414-541-0989


 Mission Outreach Council

JJ Sherman

Property Council

Ron R.

Endowment Council

Terry K.

Worship & Music Council

Heather M.

Centering Prayer Ministry

Peter J.

Council Treasurer

Patricia K.

Council Recording Secretary

Kathy R.


Director of Music

Gary Dennison

Tel: 414-870-9799


Music has played an important role in the life of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, and that tradition continues today. The musicians at Gethsemane are dedicated to creating and sharing beautiful music to aid God’s people in worship. There are many ways to share your musical talent with the faith community at Gethsemane. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of Gethsemane’s musical groups, or would like more information, please contact me.

~Gary Dennison


Office Manager

Autumn Wendorf

  Tel: 262-782-8370

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